Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Tuesday night tales...

... it seems cvo has soiled his air cast. hmmm... i wonder how that could have happened?

It was a great ride last night. Like usual, Beerorkid shot an awesome video of the ride... but somehow he got lotsa' footage of me fooling around... and wiping out. Yes, that's me crashing on the beeramyd...

The highlight of the ride was CVO. JP and I met up with at his place and rode out to the park with him last night and his enthusiasm was infectious. He clearly understood how lucky he was to be riding the park with a still broken (but healing well) leg. It inspired all of us to have fun, not go too fast and appreciate the amazing fall color that is appearing in the park right now.

Fall riding is upon us, and I could not be happier. Get out and see the colors while they last... they aren't around for long.



gravy said...

Woo!!1 Yeah!!1

Go Gerbis!

Still waiting for those wheelie training sessions.

(I thing I'll skip the log riding ones though.)

mg said...

lol... yeah, the log riding is just a mind-over-matter thing. there's really no trick to it.

wheelies are more of a practice-makes-perfect sort of thing. i'm thinking i might blog a "wheelie 101" post to get you started on one wheel. look for that soon.

gravy said...

Oh, I thought the log riding was a Matt-over-bar thing.

Just kidding!

I'll keep checking back for the Wheelie 101s.

Beerorkid said...

I wanted to keep the audio where you mentioned the foliage, just thought it was funny in how you said it.

It is strange how in one week the park's colors changed so much. When I go back and look at all the pics I have taken over the past year it is a hoot.

Now as for the leaves on the trail, not really a fan.

there was a definate good vibe going on last night.

mg said...

dry leaves are almost like dirt tho. it's only when they get wet that they're a liability. plus their sketchiness keeps the speeds down a bit, as we all saw last night.

good stuff...

3p0 said...

I was stoked to see the colors on the ride,

I'm way excited to get out there Saturday with my new camera and take some fall pics.

thanks again for riding with me, It's always fun riding with your buddies.

see ya soon buddy