Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Puttin' in good time on Labor Day

Endurosnob snapped this very cool pic from yesterday's ride, which took us out to the trails at Branched Oak lake via gravel. The Area 1 trails are in good shape traction-wise, but we need to get out there with a gang of clippers/trimmers. It's kinda' grown over.

We saw PC and Schlake out there too. They were working on their bike/run stuff, and it was kinda' funny to see both of them walk their bikes off into the trees, only to return three minutes later sans bikes -- or shirts! Talk about a GUN SHOW!! We had more firepower than we could handle, so we got the hell outta' there and left them to their run. It's good to see Chapman is back kicking ass again after the injuries that plagued him earlier in the year. He's in incredible shape.

All in all it was a very good weekend, and I'm looking forward to a fun MWC ride tonight.


3p0 said...

hey, thanks again for last night dude,

good to see ya.

mg said...

You're very welcome, my brother. I'll help you out anytime. I know what it's like to be immobile and still have stuff that needs to get done.

Thanks for the hangin out too CVO. I'm stoked with how well you're getting around. You're doing great for this stage of the game!

Happy Friday!