Friday, July 14, 2006

12 Hours of Sleep?! You gotta' be kidding me!

So last night I ducked out on the Taco Ride, despite CVO and JP's pleadings, saying I needed to get my water heater taken care of (aka - replaced). Well, plans change, and they did when I got home from work last night.

I laid down at about 5:45pm for a "little nap" until Laura got home. My little nap ended up pretty much being a 12-plus hour night of sleep! Apparently my body needed to rest.

So I guess Laura and I will get to have a water heater "date" tonight... Home ownership is always such a blast!

But it's the weekend, so all is good. Whatever you end up doing, make it a good one.

Happy Friday,


mw said...

early ride sat?
i'm going to help at the state games sunday morn, i think.

3p0 said...

you'll be sweet for the warriors cup.
the course is like 10 - 12 miles long,

sweet, and it's wilderness smooth and fast.

mg said...

yo mw -- i'm planning on being at the warriors cup saturday -- we race at noon (nice and hot, yes).

sunday i'm racing state games too, so i'll definitely see you out there.

it's gonna' be a good weekend!

debaser said...

After my last week long work trip to nyc I slept 12 hours the night I got home... and 12 hours the next night...

sda said...

sleeping is for pussies.

you guys are pussies.

i'm getting grumpy and gotta take a nap.

mg said...

you know what can always lull you to sleep sda... sounds like you might need it. :-}

have a great weekend buddy!

mg said...

debaser, i hear ya' brother... sometimes your body just tells you in no uncertain terms that it needs rest.

5 hours of sleep many nights in a row, the recent super hot weather, and riding with a lot of fast MFs probably conspired to put me down last night.

hopefully it isn't still raining on the front range, and you're able to rip it up in a BIG way this weekend. shit, you and SDA should hook up for a session!