Wednesday, May 10, 2006

very niiiiiice....

cvo image

that was a super mwc ride last night. thanks mark, anne and troy for making the drive down to join us.

the three best things about last night were:
  1. the moon shadows, especially right at sunset

  2. the brilliant red and orange sunset

  3. all of the friends, new and old, on the ride -- i can't believe how many people we've had on the MWC ride this year!! it's awesome!

happy hump day!


3p0 said...

oh, purdy good,

got 61 miles in when I looked at the computer this morning,,,

helps when you start at 5 for the pre ride,

then ride all night with your best buddies, till 11:30,

see ya tonight maybe

mg said...

yeah, that ride was right on.

what's up tonight? gimme a call cvo.

mw said...

stupid tuesdays. dammit. maybe come summertime

redstone said...

Yo matty, we had a good tues ride, too. We went up that old jeep road out of Jamestown (the one next to the river with the big water crossing) up to Gold Lake. There's more sweet, sweet singletrack there than there was when last you rode it. We hit one smoking fast tight technical and steep dh. Even found a little snow in the bottom. Missed you on that one.

mg said...

yo redstone... thanks for the shout out. perhaps we can work that ride into the memorial day plans, or are we all-set schedule wise?

man, i can't wait for the memorial day festivities...


debaser said...

Maybe you should come out this way more than once a year. Driving through to Fruita dunt count!

You'd freak at the goodness.

mg said...

what are you trying to do to me ganzel? move out there or something?! geez man. can't you see i'm fragile?!!

debaser said...

FREAK at the GOODness.

Heck, I'm sharing more goodness w/RStone tonight, cause he's so good at that sharing thing.

Oh, and stay away from the trees at Platte this weekend, mmkay? I won't be there to drive yer car home.

redstone said...

Shit dude, debaser certainly did share some goodness. A superb ride was had.

Matt, I put the N. Sheep loop up on the blog but I'm open to about anything for Friday. North Sheep does have one of the best downhills on the front range, though, hmm. We'll see who shows on Friday and we can make the call then. I'm dfw.

mg said...

sounds good davey... i know whatever we ride will be incredible -- it always is.