Tuesday, May 16, 2006

mw f-in' it up...

Big Money Mad Mike Madcharo
caught this sweet one of MW loftin' it on the DH last Saturday at Platte. Nice style 'eh?


debaser said...

There's no way that bike was designed for airin it out. No way. He must have been bucked off it when he landed. And the bike had to have collapsed from the impact. Seriously.

At least there's a picture before all that destruction.

mw said...

loft is an exageration.

4130 absorbs pussy air like i get.

debaser said...

4130? Coulda saved some dough and bought a Surly. Or a Huffy.

Nice job btw.

3p0 said...


be nice to the hippy

debaser said...

I like hippys as much as the next guy.

Yeah, not very much. I do make a few exceptions, here and there.

mg said...

it's amazing he could get that heavy steel thing that far off the ground anyway. everyone knows steel bikes are boat anchors.