Friday, April 14, 2006

The Bionicon Control Center

That's the orange "Magic Button" on the left-side of the handlebar, just inside of the shifter. Note the incredible machining on the fork crowns, as well as the fully-integrated handlebar clamp, which is adjustable for both reach and height. This is perhaps one of the best thought-out handlebar mounts I've ever seen.


mw said...

need a light and a computer and a bell and that bar would get a bit crowded. i agree on the design. someone was thinking.

mg said...

yeah, it's a bit busy, you could say... but somehow it works.

gravy said...

Let us know when you'll be out bling blinging the trailz with it.

mg said...

go sci~fi -- i've got a conflict with the MWC ride this tuesday, but am going to try to hit platte after work wednesday. if we don't hook up this week, perhaps on the MWC ride next week? i'd be happy to let you take 'er for a spin.