Thursday, January 12, 2006

game on...

took a solo, incognito spin into the middle of wilderness last night, only to find that, while a bit soft in certain sections, overall, the conditions were AWESOME!

my bike stayed clean throughout the ride, though the tires occasionally had damp dirt on them. not bad at all. i was curious to hear the temperature when i got home (wondering if freezing temps. firmed-up the soil), but it was still over 40 degrees... sweet!

if the 30% chance of rain we've got for this afternoon holds off, we're gonna' have very awesome trail conditions for the weekend -- now get out there and ride!


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redstone said...

Sounds great man. My last night ride left me hurting. A 2 hour romp in Left Hand Canyon. High winds and punishing trail equal me augering in a rock field. Yeehaw! Wish we could have some of that rain.