Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Something to think about as you plan your weekend riding... from Mike @ THOR


Do Not Ride On Muddy Trails

During periods of freezing temperatures at night and warm sunny conditions during the day, trail conditions deteriorate significantly. Please stay off of muddy trails. Any time your bike tire leave an imprint in the dirt, the trails should be considered closed.

It will be very tempting to try to squeeze in an off-road ride during our warming temperatures the next few days, but please use extreme caution.
Damage to the trails, our relationship with the land managers, and your high dollar bike can occur if riders go out to ride in muddy conditions.
Due to the sun being low on the horizon during the winter months, it is very likely that southern exposures will be warm and/or muddy while northern slopes will be frosty and icy. This drastic difference in trail conditions may deceive riders into believing that the conditions may be acceptable, but only to turn very bad just around the next corner of the trail.
Please pass this on to all of your friends and fellow riders.

Please respect the trails and have a safe and happy weekend.

Mike Resetar


josh williams said...

Blue Ribbon Coalition. I ride single track its about 1' wide dirt wise, so how many miles of trail does it take to make an acre? The small enviro"mental" groups who close down land to bikes, motorbikes, horse's are the same ones who will not dare fight the big problems, corporations /governments and you know people with lawyers bigger than their lawyers so they pick on and make you believe you are destroying the plantet earth by riding a trail. How about
condoms? Its not the amount of trails its the amount of people and our enviro"mental"ists will seldom mention the real problem, to many people. We have to reduce begetting.
Oh and if you really want to enjoy a ride, borrow a good enduro bike and hit the single track. JW

mg said...

uh... okay. ride on brother.

i hate condoms.