Monday, November 14, 2005

A super weekend of riding...

Man, what a great weekend of riding. Saturday, a small group of us ripped up wilderness. Lotsa people out in the park that day, so my thumb got a good workout on the bell.

That's Bdiddy at right, and his left thumb pretty much summed up the day. Oh, purdy good...

Saw an unidentified trail elf with power toolz chippin' away at the log ride... I suspect it'll look quite different next time I come upon it (in fact, inside knowledge says it's super sweet).

... ahem. But of course I can't condone that sort of thing. All I got was a blurry little picture...

Sunday I got wind of a little 'niners only shindig; 8am @ Platte. Oh yeah baby... Conditions out there are just incredible! I didn't get any pics on my camera, but Butch shot a million of 'em, so I suspect we'll see photographic evidence of the ride soon. We ended up seeing Lansen and Big Dave out there -- apparently Lansen hadn't gotten the message that it was a 'niners only ride. Shame, shame... :-}

... it was good riding with you tho Lansen. You're riding great, and should rip it up next weekend if you decide to jump into the B class a the 'cross races.

It's gettin' colder out... time for winter shoes, thick wool socks, and ridin' bikes. The best dirt conditions of the year are the reward for getting out of the house.



debaser said...

awwwwwww crap. If I'd have known there was a niner ride I would have headed to Platte instead of Grand Junction!

mg said...

well, i suppose you'll have to get wit us next time around, 'eh?

we ride niners a lot now... :-}

i like gj too tho! i really can't blame you i guess.

debaser said...

Well, GJ is a couple hours closer. Coulda use a few buddies out to make me push the pace. Of course, with views like GJ, why?

Hoping to hit Platte or the Park sometime in the next month. Fingers are crossed.

mg said...

let us know when you're comin' back.