Thursday, October 13, 2005

Butch's sweet Indain Caves pics...

Thanks for the awesome pics Butch! You got more talent thar than a three legged dude in an ass kickin' contest. (insert massive hick slang voice here - yeah, i'm weird...)


Anonymous said...

Mr. Dave is still riding the British Racing Green Bontrager Race Lite. Is that one of the freebies from over 8 years ago?? Maybe he can jog my meomery on this one. WOW those things really do last just like we use to tell dealers. I hve a couple of set od frame stickers if you are interested dave????

Butch nice pics.

Mr. Bike Shop Owner

sda said...

Wait a minute, you got stickers? Why didn't you tell me that when I saw you in the park on saturday, Fro Boy?

Good to see you out there MR. BSO. stop by coalminerslongjohns sometime.