Thursday, October 20, 2005

Butch's Beer Ride Pics are now online -- check 'em out!

You've gotta' check out the awesome pics Butch got from the Lincoln beer ride last week. Here are a few that I grabbed, but get out to his site to see 'em all!



len said...

Damn, you r the man of big air. Can't believe I missed out on an opportunity to drink and ride with you Girsib. One of my best Lincoln memories is the going away party at D-Street for Tony. I remember riding that big suspension Kona you have and I even thought I got you to ride down the stairs. I remember a tricky corner being on those stairs.

Don't remember too much of the ride home though

mg said...

no shit dude... that party was super fun. i vaguely remember riding down the stairs. had to do a trials turn at the u-turn, i think. just about ran into some chicks at the bottom too... talk about a pick up line. (good thing i've already got a wife...) :-}

i hope we get the pleasure of you schoolin' us on your fixie thru wilderness soon. you gonna' be back anytime soon?

have a great weekend len!