Tuesday, September 27, 2005

A terriffic Tuesday...

Man, I can't wait to get on my bike tonight... It's a purdy good day out. Now I just have to decide between the SS and the CX bikes. That's the hard part -- choosing bikes.

Hope to see some of the tribe out at the park. For those taking off to Vegas, have a super trip!



RF said...

ah yeah, get out & ride!

so which bike did you use?

Does your orange machine have fender or rack mounts?

mw said...

i hope to get out tonight there gb. wonder if the rain screwed things up. we needed the rain. the trail will probably be perfecto.

mg said...

I ended up on my 'cross bike yesterday, but didn't get as much of a ride in as I'd have liked... tonight, hopefully, mw and i will get out for a little more time.

hopefully the rain will chill for the rest of the day to set the park up just right for a night run.

mw, i'll talk to ya' later in the day and we'll figure out when we're going to head out.


mw said...

wolfman is planning on runnig by my house around 6 or so...