Tuesday, September 06, 2005

So MG... How'd you spend your Labor Day???

After a sweet ride and great night of camping at Indian Caves State Park, bdiddy, mw, jp, wolfman, showen and i rode back to lincoln via gravel. it ended up being right at 100 miles, and took us on some of Nebraska's hilliest dirt roads. the bridge that bdiddy's crossing above is one we hit last year, when we made the amazing mistake of riding to indian caves -- against the wind the whole way.

this year, we were rewarded with an incredible tailwind/crossing tailwind that blew us the entire way home. we cut about two hours off last year's time, if that helps quantify the difference!

super ride guys! thanks for the adventure.



mw said...

diddy should be paying attention to where his feet are. put the darn camera away before you fall off the bridge!!!

mg said...

i was surprised he had the guts to try that too... i felt lucky just to make it across -- and i wasn't trying to film anything!