Thursday, September 22, 2005

More MG pics from 'Caves...

Here are a couple more pics I've received of me racing down at Indian Caves last weekend. This first picture is from the obstacle course. For some reason, I was insane enough to try jumping the double teeter totter. This was my final attempt, and seeing this picture confirmed what I felt when I was doing the jump: I was gettin' pretty darn high in the air!

Mod still showed me up, flashing the entire course to win the obstacle course competition. I tried, but just couldn't match his perfection, so I had to settle for second.

The second pic is another one from the XC race. This one was shot by either Pancakes or Mod (I stole it from Mod's blog -- thanks Mod!). This one proves one thing -- at races, I'm all business. I certainly don't do it for the fun! (Yeah right...)


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