Wednesday, August 31, 2005

OLD BIKE PARTS NEEDED... apply within

(prototype Rave in the Cave trophy above)

GB JP just forwarded this message from Mike Resetar of THOR. They need old bike parts for the super sweet trophies they're doing for "Rave in the Caves" which is coming up in a couple of weeks (

Here's the message from Mike:

"I need everyone's help. I am looking for some materials for making some
"special" awards for Indian Cave.

I need the following:
1. Disc rotors (any size)
2. LX cassettes (need cassettes without a spider, flat full rings)
3. Crank arms.
See the proto attached.

I'm not sure where we need to send the parts to, but once I hear back from Mike, I'll update this post. I know I've got some old stuff to give, and I bet a lot of you do too. Let's do our part to help Mike, Ryan, Roxy and their crew put on an unforgettable race down at Indian Caves!



John Jr. said...

OKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY. I suppose I'll let Dan at Metal & Art know that he does NOT need to design medals then???? Communicate with a brutha.

mg said...

hey man, don't shoot the messenger. i'm just passing along the word.

3p0 said...

sorry I just took all the old parts I had laying around and made a bike...


Anonymous said...

THEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE trophies are going to be used as special NE State Championship awards. We STILL need the standard Psycowpath medals for the Caves race!!!!

Please drop any parts you may have at Money Wrench in Lincoln or The Bike Gay in Omaha.

Thank you for passing the word Matt.


John Jr. said...

Got it. I was confused there for a moment...pretty standard for me.

mg said...

word 'em up. thanks for the update God.

Just to clarify - parts go to Monkey Wrench (12th & P next to the Footloose & Fancy Birkenstock) in Lincoln, and The Bike Way in homie-ha (don't know the address-sorry).


RustyC said...

Tanks MG for making me look like a big vienna sausage head. Sorry for the confusion J-JR. This is something to augment the standard stuff since we have xtra events on Sunday. Heck im just the hired help.

Any parts yet? Still need sum...