Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Ode to the '96-er

Since it's broken in the media that Travis Brown is a big fan of the '96er, it seems there has been a lot of talk on mtbr.com and other sites about the merits of bikes with a 29-inch front/26-inch rear wheel combo. I've tried it on a couple of bikes now, and feel that, with the right bike, it could be a very cool solution, especially for someone who wants a smoother riding rigid bike. As I see it, the stability and tracking improvements of a 29er are mostly a function of the larger diameter front wheel, and in theory, the 26-inch rear wheel should silence some of the critics that say 'niners accelerate slowly. Any opinions out there on this? I'd love to hear 'em.


Anonymous said...

I think the idea sucks!

Ok, i don't know, never ridden it before.... but it sure looks strange.


sda said...

that just ain't right. can't ya see those wheels ain't a matchin' set you durn fool!! the willy'll get all mixed up with the nilly!! the gyro won't scope wit dat there set-up!!! ya durn fool!!


RF said...

so now you gotta carry two different tubes on every ride? WTF

mg said...

actually, in a pinch, you can use a 26-inch tube in a 29-inch wheel. it works fine.

as far as handling goes, i'd say not to knock it until you've tried it, but that said, i'm looking forward to pitting it against the Kona Unit-29 i'll (hopefully) be getting soon.

ah sheeeot davuhrilllll -- i dun put the wrong dang whiil in that thar bicickle. i must be buck nutty! (heh heh...)

mw said...

looks half right!

i stuffed a 9er tube into jra's 6er wheel just fine too.